The 1x

Relationship Cycles                                     

Thresholds of Emotion                                 

Emotional Amplitude                                  9.0 

Emotional Hertz                                         180 

Relationship Wavelength                18 Months 

Relationship Half-Life                        9 Months 

Color                                                       Red 

Musical Note                                               F# 

Shape                                             Triangle 


Relationship Acquisition


The 1x relationship frequency has a wavelength of 18 months and a half-life of 9 months. 

There is 1 recurring event per year and 2 thresholds of emotion — 1 positive and 1 negative. 

You’ll want to give to the relationship for 6 months or reach an emotional amplitude of 14.4 or higher before going for the ask. 

Relationship Management


There will be a 6 month window of openness to ask of the relationship. 

Followed by a 3 month decline in emotion and then a 6 month window of churn where the relationship could fade. 

To retain the relationship you’ll want to manage the downward swing by beginning another cycle of giving for 6 months.