As Above, So Below

Something new always starts out fun and exciting. 

You’re on the way up, high on the thought of new.   

And then you peak out.

New questions come up. Uncertainty and buyers remorse creep in. 

Before you know it you’ve hit bottom.  

As above, so below.

At the bottom there is a calling. To learn and adapt, or to leave and abandon.   

Maybe we realize we got caught up in the hype and abandon.   

We can all relate to that in our own experience. But this the same journey our customers go through. 

When it comes to the customer journey (or any journey for that matter) it’s never a straight forward linear set of steps. 

It’s full of ups and downs. 

When a customer first hits bottom, we’re ready to help them learn and adapt to retain them.

But the highs and lows keep coming like in any relationship. 

The lifetime value of a customer is the length of time you’re able to ride the waves. 🌊🏄 😃