“Make analogies, see if they work.” – Virgil Abloh

As a creative, I wish I understood this when I was younger. When you’re just getting started it’s easy to try to be totally different when really if we understand what’s at the heart of our project or inspiration we’ll find a historical precedent to ground the idea. From there you can build on the idea in a much more … Read More

Jargon vs. Lingo

Seth Godin’s blog and newsletter are so good. I liked this recent one so much I decided to do a post about it. Jargon vs Lingo “Jargon is intentionally off-putting, and lingo reminds us how connected we are. They might look similar, but the intent is what matters. Jargon is a place to hide, a chance to show off, a … Read More

One Thing a Day

One quote,  One idea, One insight a day… Seneca on the path to wisdom Shoutout to The Daily Stoic. 

Energy, Frequency and Vibration

This quote has popped up twice for me and been helpful. The first time about was a year ago when I just started learning about cycles/sine waves and it helped inspire the ideas I’ll be sharing with you here. The second time was a few months ago, I had just come back to PDX from Boulder where I had lunch … Read More