Energy, Frequency and Vibration

This quote has popped up twice for me and been helpful.

The first time about was a year ago when I just started learning about cycles/sine waves and it helped inspire the ideas I’ll be sharing with you here.

The second time was a few months ago, I had just come back to PDX from Boulder where I had lunch with old friends @bergerfohr and they gave me some great feedback about an old name for the model just as we walked away that stuck with me. (Thank you for that Lucian)

Later that week I was talking with my wife about new names for the model and it popped in my head.

Energy is a wave you can feel. Frequency is a wave you can see. Vibration is a wave you can hear. “The Wave Model” I yelled out to my confused wife and ran back to my creative studio.

The Wave Model of Light helps us view light traveling as a wave.

The Wave Model of Growth helps us view relationships traveling as a wave.