Everything is on a Spectrum

Newton first introduced the idea of the spectrum of color.  From low frequency to high frequency colors.  The Wave Model of Growth introduces the spectrum of relationship frequencies.  From low 1x frequency to high 13x frequency per year.  But everything is on a spectrum. I’ve found this to be a really helpful mental model and concept I learned to apply … Read More

Transactional vs Relational

The slowest and most expensive way to grow is with a transactional strategy.  When you acquire a customer they only buy from you one time. Usually because it was convenient or cheap.    The fastest and least expensive way to grow is with a relational strategy. When you acquire a customer they buy from you more than once. Because the … Read More

What is The Wave Model of Growth?

In the midst of the current pandemic, we’re all missing our routines right now.  From the friendly hello at the coffee shop to our other favorite regular businesses, we’re missing the normal recurring relationships we have.  The frequency of our recurring relationships is something in business we often don’t focus on enough.  The board is more concerned with Monthly Recurring … Read More