Everything is on a Spectrum

Newton first introduced the idea of the spectrum of color. 

From low frequency to high frequency colors. 

The Wave Model of Growth introduces the spectrum of relationship frequencies

From low 1x frequency to high 13x frequency per year. 

But everything is on a spectrum.

I’ve found this to be a really helpful mental model and concept I learned to apply from David Cancel on episode of Seeking Wisdom

His example was the idea of “momentum maker —— perfectionist.” We all land somewhere on that spectrum.  

For me this was a game changer in work relationships. Once I understood where someone was coming from it reframed the way I took feedback and made decisions. 

I also use this as a way to keep myself in check on projects. 

Am I making momentum? Or am I being a perfectionist? Both are important depending on the task, project or day. 

You can swap the example above with anything you’re looking to better understand or dig deeper on.