What is The Wave Model of Growth?

In the midst of the current pandemic, we’re all missing our routines right now. 

From the friendly hello at the coffee shop to our other favorite regular businesses, we’re missing the normal recurring relationships we have. 

The frequency of our recurring relationships is something in business we often don’t focus on enough. 

The board is more concerned with Monthly Recurring Revenue (MRR) than they are with relationships. But what if we changed the way we though of MRR to Monthly Recurring Relationships? 

In our post pandemic economy, businesses can’t afford to think about growth as a single purchase and transactional relationship. We need to evolve and raise the consciousness of our strategy to be relationship-driven. To do that we need a new model to help understand relationship frequencies and how to get on the same wavelength as someone. 

The Wave Model of Growth is a way to visualize the customer journey using sine waves. It’s a new visual model of growth to help us learn about relationship frequencies and how to manage them.

So what’s a relationship frequency?


Relationship Frequency 

is the number of repeating events in a

recurring relationship per unit of time.

In simple terms, How frequently do you want someone to interact with you? Relationship frequencies will help us learn to find the empathy to tune into people and get on the same wavelength. 

When you understand the frequency someone is on, you can plan your communication and answer questions like: 

– How frequently should you communicate? 

– When should you provide value and give?

– When should you go for the ask?

With The Wave Model, we can tune our relationships from a low frequency to higher frequencies.